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Sweet stranger friend

Sweet stranger friend

I close my eyes
I see you in my thoughts
why you?
I do not understand it,

I dont understand this one part

I previously like u but now ...
I do not understand what was happening to me
I should not
should not
fear - revolts me
fear - I do not regret any moment with you

fear - let me look into your eyes
fear - allows to smile
Fear - I want to be close
the fear you moves away
to a safe distance from me

my sweet stranger, my friend ...
I miss your eyes
and your voice, which sometimes I do not recognize

my dear "sweet lord"
Teacher of the road
You reminded me "of me"

I was once so happy, sweet, always smiling
and now the demons of this world had got me
I feel empty inside
I want to cry
They destroyed me
and destroy ever ...
writhe in about my body
I allow to escape
get away with this ...

I am fighting with them still ...

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